About Us


About John Daniel Footwear

John Daniel Footwear was started in August of 1999 by Dan Parker.  It has become a family business when his son, Kevin, came on board in February 2007.  Doug Downing also works for John Daniel Footwear and has 35 years experience in the shoe and clothing industry.  The store specializes in better men's shoes with a wide range of sizes from 7-14 and widths from A, B, C, D, E, and EEE.  He opened the store with the idea of creating a traditional men's shoe store with a focus on customer service and professional salesmen who understand shoes and the shoe industry.  The sales staff can properly measure your foot and find the correct shoe that fits your foot and style as well.  Dan has 40 years in the shoe industry working for companies, such as, Frougs, Renbergs, Dillards, and Brooks Brothers.


About Dan

Dan began his work in the shoe business in 1968 with Frougs in Tulsa, OK and acquired experience in sales, management, merchandising, buying, and advertising.  He started in sales at Frougs working his way to management in two years and two years later they moved him to their home office in St. Louis where he was assistant to the men's and children's shoe buyer.  Dan moved back to Tulsa in 1979 with Dillards managing the men's, women's, and children's shoe departments for two years before moving to supervisor of the shoe department in 14 Dillards stores.  He joined Renbergs in 1983 and spent two years in sales of men's shoes, three years managing men's shoes, and five years buying men's shoes.  He also managed the Brooks Brothers store in Utica Square from 1993-1999.  Then he had an opportunity to open is own shoe store, filling the void left when Renbergs closed.  Now John Daniel Footwear is the premier men's shoe store in Oklahoma.

Dan has also enjoyed success in his family life as well.  He has a beautiful wife, Theresa, of 13 years.  They have three children, Keith, Kevin, and Kara and three grandchildren Cameron, Hailey, and Alyssa.  Dan feels his greatest achievement is raising a great group of kids and watching them become successful in their own careers.


About Kevin

Kevin Parker joined his father at John Daniel Footwear in February 2007 after acquiring his marketing degree from Oklahoma State University.  He started from the ground up, learning how to properly measure feet and understanding fit and shoe construction.  With mentors that have been in the shoe business for forty years he has a great group of guys to learn from.  Kevin is a hard working young man that has worked a variety of jobs since the age of sixteen.  Kevin is following in his fathers footsteps with plans to eventually take over the company to perpetuate the legacy of John Daniel Footwear.


About Doug

"Doctor" Doug Downing began in retail in 1971 at Orbachs in Tulsa, OK in sales.  He stayed there until 1976 where he went to Daniel's Clothing Store.  He worked in sales and was a buyer for Daniel's until 1982.  Doug left for Renberg's to become the furnishings buyer and later to sales in men's clothing and shoes.  He gained a great amount of experience in merchandising and buying when he worked for Renberg's for 15 years from 1982-1997.  He then went to work for Brooks Brothers, with Dan, through 2000 and then joined Dan at John Daniel Footwear.  Since joining John Daniel Footwear he has brought his expertise and experience of the men's clothing and footwear industry.  We are very fortunate to have him on staff and are happy to provide someone so knowledgeable for our customers. 


We want to thank all of our customers that have been with us since the beginning and look forward to providing the same quality footwear and service that you have come to expect from John Daniel Footwear.